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Cataloguing and Publication

     Once the inventory of artifacts was complete, the Joint Administrative Office set out to work on compiling detailed catalogues. Between 1955 and 1961, a series of catalogues were issued, including those of paintings and calligraphic works, bronzewares, and ceramics, which have remained to this day important reference materials in the study of Chinese art history. Pictorial catalogues of renowned paintings, calligraphic masterpieces, and important ceramic wares, as well as illustrated guides to the collections were also published. They were all aimed at the appreciation of Chinese art lovers, and were printed on high-quality paper and supplemented with interpretive texts. These publications played a key role in the promotion of the two museums' holdings.

    Overview of the Palace Museum Division published by the JAO
    Work Report on the Safekeeping, Checking, and Registration of Artifacts in the National Central Museum Division published by the JAO
    Zhonghua Wenwu Jicheng (Collection of Chinese Artifacts), the first illustrated catalogue published in January 1954
    Gugong Minghua Sanbaizhong (300 Famous Paintings in the Palace Museum and the National Central Museum Collections) published in January 1959