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Taking Stock of the Collections

     In July 1950, the two museums' Joint Council passed a resolution to take inventory of all artifacts shipped to Taiwan. In August, the Council mooted first conducting a random examination and drew up and passed rules for the procedure. June 1951 saw the start of the random check, which was completed in September. In July 1952, the Joint Council decided to continue with inventory taking, and the Joint Administrative Office embarked on a multi-year scrutiny of every object in every crate. The inventory was completed in September 1954 and corresponded in every detail with the original packing lists, meaning that, thanks to the hard work of all those who had protected and conserved the artifacts, not a single item was missing.

    Inspectors examining the paintings and calligraphic works of the National Central Museum in 1952
    Inspectors examining the artifacts of the Palace Museum in 1953
    Progress Report on the Checking of Artifacts Shipped to Taiwan, dated 1952
    Artifact-checking registries