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     The Orientation Gallery is a starting point for visitors to explore the National Palace Museum. Audience can use the intuitive and friendly interface to survey the rich and diverse artworks in the NPM's collection, as well as view the latest information on the museum's exhibitions.

     The 12-meter-long "Collection Wall" integrates the NPM's digital resources, allowing multiple viewers to freely browse selections from the NPM's collection at the same time. In order to appreciate the museum's artworks from multiple perspectives, visitors can use the wall to access basic background information and digital materials on the artifacts, including images, videos, animations, 360-degree digital modeling, writing interpretations, and more.

     We welcome you to start exploring the National Palace Museum!

【Glimpse • View the Collection Through the Peaches】The Collection Wall

     The 12-meter-long "Collection Wall" features digital files of more than 300 artworks in the NPM's collection. Additionally, viewers can drag artwork icons into one of several peach-shaped open spaces, inspired by the decorative peach-shaped cutout on the museum's Qing dynasty "Carved Sandalwood Curio Box with 32 Items." There are ten of these peach-shaped spaces on the wall, allowing ten different users to select artifact pictures at a time. After dragging artwork icons into one of the open spaces, users can swipe left and right to manipulate the artifact display. In doing so, viewers can learn basic background information about the artworks (such as Chinese and English names, artists, dates, exhibition galleries, etc.) and view digital resources (such as images, videos, animations, 360-degree digital models, writing interpretations, and more). After accessing artworks on the Collection Wall, visitors can view the works in person within the galleries for deeper exploration.

■ To use: The Collection Wall uses an infrared sensor. Please use your fingers to select, drag, slide, and make other gestures to control the display.
■ Please note: In order to maintain operational function, please do not press the screen with excessive force or try to operate it using other objects.
(※During the COVID-19 epidemic prevention period, the Collection Wall will be regularly cleaned and disinfected. Additionally, the column on the south side of the gallery is equipped with a hand sanitizer spray station. Please press down to dispense sanitizer.)

【Good Taste • Scenes of Interest】Famous Works Light Display

     Presenting views and exquisite details of the artworks in our collection, we welcome people from all walks of life to visit the NPM.

Qing dynasty, Qianlong reign
The Qing Court Artists, Up the River During Qingming (detail)
Handscroll, ink and color on silk

     This handscroll represents a collaborative effort on the part of five Painting Academy artists active in the eighteenth century at the Qing court of the Qianlong emperor. The figural scenes are especially numerous and detailed, making this painting stand out among the various versions of "Up the River During Qingming." This scroll can be divided into several major parts, including the rustic setting at the beginning (on the right), arched bridge and market, city wall and surroundings, and Lake Jinming. In addition to the bustling figures and packed shops, there are also untrammeled literati garden settings and a magnificent imperial garden, creating for a fascinating and visually pleasing atmosphere that makes this painting a microcosm of life in China at the time. The architectural elements accord with the rules of perspective, and the buildings and streets are all laid out in an orderly fashion, the use of proportion and distance likewise meticulously handled with great precision. Western-style architecture is also evident. The handling of brush and ink is highly refined and the coloring beautiful, making this the finest of all the "Up the River During Qingming" scrolls in the National Palace Museum collection.

  • Northern and Southern Branch Exhibition Information Wall (Left)
  • Northern and Southern Branch Exhibition Information Wall (Right)

【Exhibition Information • Explore the National Palace Museum】 Northern and Southern Branch Exhibition Information Wall

     On both sides of the Orientation Gallery, screens display the latest information on exhibitions and important events taking place in the Northern and Southern Branches of the NPM.