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Extracting Taiwan

     Land development and production in Taiwan varied due to technology advancement, international trade, and physical environment in different timespan.

     For example, the rich endemic deer species were exploited after Dutch East India Company exported mass Taiwan deer skins to the world in the 17th century. As large size of immigrants settling in during Qing's ruling, the gradually cultivated farm land in western Taiwan started providing rich production and different varieties due to the warm-humid climate and land fertility. After Japanese colonization in 1895, Taiwanese production was pushed into a new phase with modern technology and governance.

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Imperial Japan's Development of Colonial Industries

    • Rice Fields at the Lunbei, Branch of the Chianan Irrigation
    Rice Fields at the Lunbei, Branch of the Chianan Irrigation_preview
    Rice Fields at the Lunbei, Branch of the Chianan Irrigation
    • Dimensions: 14.1X9.2 cm
    • Historical Period(s): 1930-1945
    • Collection: National Museum of Taiwan History

         Under the Japanese colonial government's policy of "industrial Japan, agricultural Taiwan," the government improved rice varieties and built large water conservancy facilities to increase the production and quality of Taiwan's rice supply to mainland Japan.

    • Tea Picking
    Tea Picking_preview
    Tea Picking
    • Historical Period(s): 1895-1945
    • Collection: National Taiwan University Museum of Anthropology

         Since the mid-19th century, tea has been an important export commodity for Taiwan. After Japan took possession of Taiwan, the government soon realized the economic value of Taiwan's tea and introduced Japanese capital. The Mitsui Conglomerate operated the tea industry in Taiwan. Japan introduced Assam black tea from India and opened an experimental tea facility to enhance the tea-making industry.

    • Famous Product of Taiwan: Pineapple
    Famous Product of Taiwan: Pineapple_preview
    Famous Product of Taiwan: Pineapple
    • Dimensions: 10.8X16.6 cm
    • Historical Period(s): 1895-1945
    • Collection: National Center of Photography and Images

         According to a Taiwan customs report, during the late Qing dynasty, pineapple was already being cultivated on a commercial scale in the south, and in addition to eating the fruit, the leaves were cut to produce pineapple cloth.

         During the Japanese colonial period, the Government-General of Taiwan found that pineapples could grow even in poor soil and thus maximized the yield from agricultural land. To improve the growing of pineapple, a new species was introduced from Hawaii. Processing techniques were also developed, such as canning and preserves. Pineapple was shipped to mainland Japan for sale.