Giuseppe Castiglione: Lang Shining New Media Art Exhibition,Dates: 2015/10/08~,Location: Gallery 210 (Multimedia gallery of painting and calligraphy)
Giuseppe Castiglione: Lang Shining New Media Art Exhibition

Paintings Come Alive: New Media Installations Inspired by Giuseppe Castiglione's Works

Wander around the universe, pass through time and fall in love with Castiglione!

The 21st century is the digital age. The way we exchange information and look at things is constantly changing. Given the unstoppable development of mobile devices and the growth of bandwidth, "Giuseppe Castiglione: Lang Shining New Media Art Exhibition" brings visitors to wander in the virtual world of art based on the freedom of 4G technology to wander around and using new media's power to integrate virtual and real worlds. The exhibition aims to take the viewers across time and space to experience the new "virtual realistic" aesthetics resulting from the marriage of Chinese and European art.

In the internet age where information is overly abundant, both translations and original texts should be equally valued in order to reach a correct understanding of verbal communications. The achievements of Castiglione are therefore not limited to his role in enabling cultural fusions, but extend as well to his role in facilitating mutual understanding and communication among world civilizations. Titled "Giuseppe Castiglione: Lang Shining New Media Art Exhibition," this exhibition makes good application of the freedom of 4G technology to wander around into art-making to reflect the interdisciplinary, multiculturalism, diversity, and interactive characteristics of new media art.

During the past decades, the development of technology and internet enables the instant transmission of new information to every corner of the world. Visual art has progressed so far that the boundaries between the real and the virtual are blurred thanks to the progress from hand-painting to digital rendering and then to 3D imaging and even to Cloud technology. The juxtaposition and fusion of world cultures at the current age using 4G new media technology might best parallel Castiglione's "cross-cultural aesthetics" that he developed three hundred years ago. This new "virtual realism" is also an original way to engage with the present. Penetrating is part of wandering. Three hundred years ago, Castiglione penetrated geographical obstacles to come to China, but the ensuing exchange of ideas took place with only a change of mind. This exhibition is inspired by Castiglione's"cross-cultural aesthetics." With the interactive environment derived from the physical movements of the visitors, the exhibition aims to arrive at a new interpretation of Castiglione's artwork. We expect our visitors to move their bodies in space to experience an interactive environment with their senses. In a broadband 4G environment, through 4G applications, we may reinterpret Castiglione's visual experience that harmonized China and Europe's aesthetics using smart devices, wearable devices with 4G contents and apps. With the aid of audio-visual technologies, we shall create futuristic "virtual new realism" aesthetics.

The viewer is escorted by a virtual guide – Emperor Qianlong and a sister from 300 years ago -- into the exhibition. "The Chime Clock" generated by projection mapping represents the change between day and night and the passage of time and is also a modern interpretation of the "Clock in the Form of a Birdcage," highlighting its everlasting greatness. "Three Hundred Years' of Memories: Eight Thousand Miles of Travel" lets the viewers to learn about the various chapters in Castiglione's life 300 years ago through videos on Castiglione's life and works using touch screens and hand controllers. "A Tour of the Imperial Garden" is a digital rendering of the garden depicted in Castiglione's Immortal Blossoms in an Everlasting Spring. Visitors inside the installation will be able to experience with pleasure the garden painted by Castiglione. "A Peacock Made of Light: An Immersive Installation for the Peacock Spreading its Tail Feathers", it is represented by a shining peacock made with optoelectronic materials and the melodious classical music in the air. The artists pay tribute to Castiglione with dynamic translucent illumination technique 300 years later.

The City University's School of Creative Media in Hong Kong also participated in this exhibition. Led by Professor Jeffrey Shaw, the team contributed three pieces of interactive installations: "Explore the Flora and Fauna of Castiglione," "Let's Paint One Hundred Horses," "Castiglione's Virtual Flowers."

In addition to the digital works of art, this exhibition also includes a 4G innovative application experience zone for the visitors to try on wearable devices such as smart glasses and virtual reality devices. It is accompanied by NFC, QRcode, iBeacon, 4G/LTE, and augmented reality technologies to bring the most satisfactory viewing experience to visitors. Visitors are also welcomed to bring their own devices (BYOD) to experience this exhibition.

This exhibition collaborates with technology companies in Taiwan and aims to present a smarter exhibition, a more interesting viewing and interactive learning experience to the visitors using advanced technology such as interactive devices, augmented reality, smart devices, and wearable technology. In this way, we hope to bring to the viewers a fresh experience with new technology and an exhibition that engages all their senses.