The Giuseppe Castiglione Interactive Tabletop

"The Giuseppe Castiglione Interactive Tabletop" features a selection of twenty classic works of Giuseppe Castiglione, including such masterpieces as "One Hundred Horses", "Peacock Spreading Its Tail Feathers", "Gathering of Auspicious Signs", "Long-haired Dog Beneath Blossoms", " Eight Horses", "Landscape", "Swallow and Peach Blossoms", "Cherries and Grosbeaks", "Ten Steads (Snow-Flake Eagle)", "Ten Fine Hounds (Tawny-Yellow Leopard)", "Auspicious Roe Deer", "Cochin Lemur", "White Bird of Prey", "Ayusi Sweeping Bandits with a Lance", "Macang Lays Low the Enemy", "White Gyrfalcon", "Golden Pheasants in Spring", "Pair of Cranes in the Shade of Flowers", "Storming of the Camp at Gädän-Ola", and "Lifting of the Siege at the Black Water River" which shows every wonderful detail of the figures in splendor and with their natural colors along with the precise yet lively brush strokes.

"The Giuseppe Castiglione Interactive Tabletop" makes use of digital information on artworks in the National Palace Museum to present them in multimedia format, bringing famous masterpieces of Giuseppe Castiglione in the collection before viewers' eyes and thereby making up for the inability to present them for longer periods of time. At the interactive tabletop, visitors old and young alike can enjoy selecting a work they like or want to know more about, enlarging or reducing the image to get a close-up or overview.