The Chime Clock

  1. Artist: Noise Kitchen Office x TME Studio

Mechanical clocks were introduced into Chinese court by the Italian missionary Matteo Ricci (1552-1610) in the late Ming Dynasty, marking the beginning for China to adopt mechanical clocks to measure the time. During Qianlong's reign, the imperial workshop has gathered some of the world's finest craftsmen, giving rise to the unique style of Qing decorative arts from the high degree of cultural and artistic fusion between China and Europe. The Chime Clock is modeled on "Clock in the Form of a Birdcage," combining traditional Chinese aesthetics with European mechanical engineering to create a new work of art using digital technology. The work is inspired by the concept of the passage of time and employs the technology of projection mapping, power generating machine, and adjustable electric window tint film to create succession of seasons and years. Time turns the gears around and around. The appearance and disappearance of digital images produces a dreamlike perception, indicating the everlasting charm of art with the passage of time.

Original work of art

Clock in the form of a birdcage

  1. 19th century
  2. 24 × 10.6 cm