Documenting Victory in Etching: A Documentary about Giuseppe Castiglione's Art and Emperor's Victorious Engravings

  1. Artist: The National Palace Museum, udn production

Length: 35 minutes

The National Palace Museum presents to the public Victory in the Pacification of Dzungars and Muslims, a series of copperplate prints originally drafted by several court artists including Castiglione and engraved in Paris. The curatorial team examined historical records and visited many countries to reconstruct the historical situation where these engravings were produced and created this documentary in 4K high-resolution film. The documentary invites Shen Chunhua, Best TV News Anchor and Golden Bell Award winner, to recount Emperor Qianlong's military victory in the northwest and the story behind the production of the engraving in France, together with the copperplate engraving method. The production team went to Europe to look at the prints housed in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, original copperplates housed in the Ethnologisches Museum, Germany, and even went to filmed the engraving techniques at a printing workshop. Combined with artifacts from the collections of the National Palace Museum and other cultural institutions, this documentary unfolds the story of the greatest art creation project of the 18th century between China and Europe.


Original work of art

Victory in the Pacification of Dzungars and Muslims