Animal Crossing Pattern Library

  • Jadeite Cabbage, Qing dynasty

  • Meat-Shaped Stone, Qing dynasty

  • Mao-Gong Ding, Late Western Zhou period

  • Ru Ware, Lotus-Shaped Warming Bowl with Light, Northern Song dynasty

  • Ganlan Olive Stone Miniature Boat, Chen Zuzhang, Qing dynasty

  • Jade Bixie Amulet, Late Western Han to Eastern Han dynasties

  • Zun Wine Vessel in the Shape of Animal with Malachite and Turqoise Inlay, Mid Warring States Period

  • Jade Duck, Song to Yuan dynasties

  • Bamboo Root Carving of a Well-Wishing Monkey and Horse, Symbolizing Good Wishes for Immediate Granting of a Peerage, Qing dynasty

  • Celestial Globe Vase with Decoration of Dragon Among Clouds in Underglaze Blue, Yongle-Xuande reign , Ming dynasty

  • Pottery Figure of Ladies Playing Polo Game in Sancai Tri-Color Glaze, Tang dynasty

  • Painted Pottery Figure of a Standing Lady, Tang dynasty

  • Timely Clearing After Snowfall, Wang Xizhi, Eastern Jin dynasty

  • Three Passages: Ping'an, Heru and Fengju, Wang Xizhi, Eastern Jin dynasty

  • Autobiography, Huai Su, Tang dynasty

  • Children at Play in an Autumnal Garden, Su Hanchen, Song dynasty

  • Children at Play on a Winter Day, Anonymous, Song dynasty

  • A Palace Concert, Tang dynasty

  • Cats and Butterflies of Longevity, Shen Zhenlin, Qing dynasty

  • Long-haired Dog Beneath Blossoms, Lang Shining (Giuseppe Castiglione, 1688-1766), Qing dynasty

  • A Seated Portrait of Ming Emperor Taizu, Ming dynasty

    Up the River During Qingming, Qianlong reign, Qing dynasty

  • Yi water vessel with an animal handle and feet in human figures, late Western Zhou Dynasty

  • Autumn Colors on the Qiao and Hua Mountains

  • Autumn Colors on the Qiao and Hua Mountains

  • Old Man on a Pine Tree

  • Kangxi-Imperial Rescripts in Vermilion Ink

  • Yongzheng-Imperial Rescripts in Vermilion Ink

  • Qianlon-Imperial Rescripts in Vermilion Ink

  • Jiaqing-Imperial Rescripts in Vermilion Ink

  • Daoguang-Imperial Rescripts in Vermilion Ink

  • Xianfeng-Imperial Rescripts in Vermilion Ink

  • Tongzhi-Imperial Rescripts in Vermilion Ink

  • Guangxu-Imperial Rescripts in Vermilion Ink

  • Small-Cabbage

  • Hanuman

Last Update: 2020-08-03