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This exhibition will focus on the narratives surroundings the museum's cultural relics, and extend them into two interesting branches: the "Trail of Master Painter," which revolved around Giuseppe Castiglione's artistic relics, and the "Journey through the Four Seasons" based on the museum's collections of landscape paintings. The "Trail of Master Painter" focuses on the process of the Jesuit missionary Giuseppe Castiglione (1688-1766) relocated from Italy to China, and how he introduced compositions and techniques of Western painting to the Eastern imperial court, creating paintings that seamlessly merged elements of Chinese and Western art. The "Journey through the Four Seasons" focuses on employing brushwork and ink to create the essence of seasonal transitions within landscape paintings. Both themes embody the implications of "spatial movement" and "the passage of time".

Therefore, the primary objective of this exhibition is to connect the museum's archival materials and collections, all viewed through the lens of "movement and transition". The imprints that folded in brush and ink of thousand-year geographic displacements and seasonal transitions. These imprints are projected onto digital interactive devices and immersive theaters, culminating in a magnificent theatrical experience that transcends the boundaries of time and space. The overarching goal of this exhibition is to create an interactive environment that fully immerses the audience and cultivates a profound sense of empathy.

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