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Exhibit List

Norms of Female Beauty

Emperor Minghuang in ConcertAttributed to Zhang Xuan (fl. 8th c.)Tang dynasty 
Inculcating the InfantAttributed to Zhou Fang (fl. late 8th c.)Tang dynasty 
Lady Reciting PoetryAttributed to Zhou Fang (fl. late 8th c.)Tang dynasty 
Women of the House Playing Double SixesAttributed to Zhou Fang (fl. late 8th c.)Tang dynasty 
A LadyAttributed to Zhou Wenju (10th c.)Five Dynasties period 
Washing the MoonAnonymousFive Dynasties period (907-960)Significant Historical Artifact
Morning Toilette in the Women's QuartersWang Shen (1036-1099)Song dynastyProvisionally classified by the National Palace Museum as a Significant Historical Artifact
Beauties on an OutingLi Gonglin (1049-1106)Song dynastyNational Treasure
Lady Wenji's Return to ChinaLi Tang (ca. 1049-after 1130)Song dynastySignificant Historical Artifact
Peach Blossoms and a LadyLiu Songnian (fl. 1174-1224)Song dynasty 
Listening to a Ruan LuteLi Song (fl. 1190-1264)Song dynastyProvisionally classified by the National Palace Museum as a Significant Historical Artifact
Illustrating Wang Jian's "A Palace Poem"Chen Juzhong (fl. 1194-1224)Song dynasty 
Ladies Cooling OffQian Xuan (ca. 1235-after 1303)Song dynastyProvisionally classified by the National Palace Museum as a Significant Historical Artifact
Bust Portraits of Huizong's Empress and Qinzong's EmpressAnonymousSong dynasty (960-1279)National Treasure
Seated Portrait of Gaozong's EmpressAnonymousSong dynasty (960-1279)National Treasure
Taking in the Coolness of a Palace PondAnonymousSong dynasty (960-1279) 
Lady Playing the FluteZhao Mengfu (1254-1322)Yuan dynasty 
Lady Beneath Plum and Pine TreesSheng Mou (fl. ca. first half of 14th c.)Yuan dynasty 
Nymph of the Luo RiverWei Jiuding (14th c.)Yuan dynastyNational Treasure
Bust Portraits of Yuan Shizu's Empress and Yuan Shunzong's EmpressAnonymousYuan dynasty (1279-1368)National Treasure
Lady Cooling OffAnonymousYuan dynasty (1279-1368)Provisionally classified by the National Palace Museum as a Significant Historical Artifact
Lady and Plum BlossomsAnonymousYuan dynasty (1279-1368) 
Lady in the Shade of PlantainWen Zhengming (1470-1559)Ming dynasty 
Tao Gu Presenting a VerseTang Yin (1470-1524)Ming dynastyNational Treasure
Lady Ban's Round FanTang Yin (1470-1524)Ming dynastyNational Treasure
Imitating a Tang Artist's Lady PaintingTang Yin (1470-1524)Ming dynastySignificant Historical Artifact
Han Xizai's Night RevelsTang Yin (1470-1524)Ming dynasty 
Spring Dawn in the Han PalaceQiu Ying (ca. 1494-1552)Ming dynastyNational Treasure
Test of Skill on the Double Seventh DayQiu Ying (ca. 1494-1552)Ming dynasty 
White-Robed Guanyin BodhisattvaQiu Zhu (fl. 16th c.)Ming dynasty 
A LadyChen Hongshou (1598-1652)Ming dynastySignificant Historical Artifact
The Fragrance of ReadingChen Hongshou (1598-1652)Ming dynastyProvisionally classified by the National Palace Museum as a National Treasure
Half Portraits of Xiao'an Empress and Xiaoding EmpressAnonymousMing dynasty (1368-1644)Significant Historical Artifact
Gu Embroidery of Queen Mother of the WestAnonymousMing dynasty (1368-1644) 
Dongpo and ChaoyunZhu Da (1626-1705)Qing dynasty 
Skiff Docking Late on a Lotus PondJiao Bingzhen (fl. 1689-1726)Qing dynasty 
Refining the Elixir of ImmortalityHuang Shen (1687-after 1768)Qing dynasty 
FiguresDing Guanpeng (ca. 1708-1771)Qing dynasty 
Agriculture and SericultureLeng Mei (fl. late 17th-early 18th c.)Qing dynasty 
Joyous Celebrations at the New YearYao Wenhan (1713-?)Qing dynasty 
Cao Dagu TeachingJin Tingbiao (?-1767)Qing dynasty 
Portrait of Su XiaoxiaoLuo Ping (1733-1799)Qing dynasty 
Maiden Immortals Offering Auspicious GiftsQian Hui'an (1833-1911)Qing dynasty 
Portrait in OilsAnonymousQing dynasty (1644-1911) 
Lady with a Cassia TwigAnonymousQing dynasty (1644-1911) 
A LadyLü Fengzi (1886-1959)Republican period 
Lady with a FanPu Hsin-yu (1896-1963)Republican period 
A LadyHuang Chun-pi (1898-1991)Republican period 
The Goddess MahāśrīChang Dai-chien (1899-1983)Republican period 
Beauty and a GeneralLin Fengmian (1900-1991)Republican period 
Mulan Becomes a SoldierTing Yinyung (1902-1978)Republican period 
Lady Playing a ZitherFu Baoshi (1904-1965)Republican period 
Lady Gongsun's Sword DanceCheng Chieh-tzu (1910-1987)Republican period 

Ladies of Artistic Talent

Bird and FlowersZhu KerouSong dynasty (960-1279)Significant Historical Artifact
Inscription on Ma Yuan's "Apricot Blossoms" EmpressYang (1162-1232)Song dynastyNational Treasure
Letter to Abbot ZhongfengGuan Daosheng (1262-1319)Yuan dynastySignificant Historical Artifact
PoetryZou Saizhen (15th c.)Ming dynasty 
Inspired by a Tang PoetQiu Zhu (16th c.)Ming dynastySignificant Historical Artifact
Guanyin BodhisattvaXing Cijing (late 16th-early 17th c.)Ming dynasty 
Policy on Peaceful GovernanceWen Chu (1595-1634)Ming dynasty 
Spring Silkworms Feeding on LeavesWen Chu (1595-1634)Ming dynastySignificant Historical Artifact
LandscapeLin Xue (fl. first half of 17th c.)Ming dynasty 
Two Boats RacingLi Yin (1616-1685)Ming dynasty 
LohanZhou Xi (1624-ca. 1705)Qing dynasty 
Mountains Still, Days LongChen Shu (1660-1736)Qing dynasty 
Embroidery Illustrating Imperial Poetry on the Leshou HallMadame Yu (18th c.)Qing dynasty 
Plum BlossomsJi Cai (19th c.)Qing dynasty 
Butterflies and FlowersWu Shujuan (1853-1930)Republican period 
ButterfliesPu JingqiuRepublican period (1911-present) 
Collaborative Painting of a LadyWu Qingxia (1910-2008) and Zhou Lianxia (1908-2000)Republican period 
Day LilyWu Yung-hsiang (1913-1970)Republican period