Stimulation and Reanimation: Cultural and Artistic Exchanges between Asia and Europe
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Keynote Speeches

Topic Speaker
1 Ranges of Response: Asian Appropriation of European Art and Culture Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann
2 Central Asians in Northern Wei Luoyang and the Pottery Sculpture of the Late Northern Dynasties James C.Y. Watt
3 Abreast with the Times in a Panoramic View: The Significance and Operations of the National Palace Museum Southern Branch as a Museum of Asian Art and Culture Fung, Ming-Chu


  Topic Speaker
1-1-1 Global Capitalism and Local Artistic Taste in Late Imperial/Early Modern China, 1600-1800 Benjamin A. Elman
1-1-2 The Dresden Porcelain Project: Microcosm of A Global Trade Cora Würmell
1-1-3 Chinoiserie at a Baroque Court: Chinese Porcelain in the Collection of Augustus the Strong Sun, Yue
1-2-1 Between Science, Art and Religion: A Textural Research and Explanation on Painter Jiao Bingzhen in Kangxi's Court Han, Qi
1-2-2 Issues Related to the Production of Ceramics as Seen in the Letters of Père François Xavier d'Entrecolles Yu, Pei-chin
1-2-3 A Historical Reading of Western Painters in Early Qing Court Guo, Meixia

Trained to be Receptive, Celebrated for being Forgotten: Castiglione’s Artistic Training and New Art Historical Perspectives

Marco Musillo
1-3-2 A Study on Two Spring's Peaceful Message in the Collection of the Palace Museum Zhang, Zhen
1-3-3 Accommodation and Jesuit Creativity: Some Proposals Regarding Possible Sources for Giuseppe Castiglione's Paintings in China Francesco Vossilla
2-1-1 A Study on Cooperative Paintings by Giuseppe Castiglione : Based Mainly on the Works in the National Palace Museum Collection Wang, Yao-ting
2-1-2 The Qing Court, Europe and Japan: Webbing the Production of Album of Birds and its Proliferation in Asia Lai, Yu-chih
2-1-3 Pigments and Coloration in the Paintings of Giuseppe Castiglione Chen, Tung-ho
2-2-1 Reconsidering the Painting Machang Defeating the Enemy in the Berlin Collection Wang, Ching-ling
2-2-2 A Study on the “Imperial Portrait”’ of Qianlong in his First Anthology of Imperial Poetry Chiu, Shih-hua
2-2-3 The Reception of Giuseppe Castiglione in Early Republican China Liu, Yu-jen
2-3-1 The Discovery of Spatial Depth: How the Japanese Adopted the Vision of European Origin Oka, Yasumasa
2-3-2 Seeing the World Differently: Qing Art and Optical Devices Kristina Kleutghen
2-3-3 A Comparison of Paintings Merging Chinese and Western Elements by Giuseppe Castiglione and Ding Guanpeng Zhang, Rui
3-1-1 Indian Cotton Goods in 16th-17th-Century China Chen, Kuo-tung
3-1-2 Cultural Exchanges between the Ming and the Timurids in the Early 15th Century: A Study Focusing on The Horse with Chinese Grooms and The White Gyrfalcon in the Collection of the Topkapi Palace Museum Ma, Shunping
3-1-3 18th-Century Gelug-pa Scholars' Grasp of Christianity and Islam Liu, Kuo-wei
3-2-1 A Dutch Sarasa: An Early 18th Century Coromandel Textile Design, from Holland to Japan John Guy
3-2-2 Southeast Asia Textiles in Europe-Asia Cross-cultural Exchanges: A Study of Japanese Sarasa Huang, Yun-ju
3-2-3 Handmade Lace and China Tao, Xiaoshan
3-3-1 Europe Meets Edo Bijin: A Study of the Design of Japanese Beauty in 17th- and 18th-Century Export Imari Porcelain Kobayashi, Hitoshi
3-3-2 The Ivory ‘Immortal's Works' of the Qianlong Court: With Special References to Its Interaction with the West Shih, Ching-fei
3-3-3 Revisiting Qianlong Emperor's Imperial Archive: The Song-Ornament Weng, Yu-wen