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Exhibit List

Song dynastyFan KuanTravelers Among Mountains and Streams
Song dynastyGuo XiEarly Spring
Song dynastyLi TangWhispering Pines in Myriad Valleys
Song dynastyAttributed to Guo XiTravelers in Autumn Mountains
Yuan dynastyCao ZhibaiLandscape
Ming dynastyInscribed by Dong QichangImitating Fan Kuan's "Travelers Among Mountains and Streams"
Ming dynastyAttributed to Wu WeiLandscape
Ming dynastyTang YinViewing a Waterfall
Ming dynastyLan YingImitating Li Tang's "Layered Crags and Red Trees"
Qing dynastyoriginally ascribed to Fan KuanTravelers
Qing dynastyTang DaiImitating Fan Kuan's Landscape
Republican periodPu Hsin-yuAn Ancient Path in the Setting Sun