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Imperial Expression

     The Islamic world collects many fine porcelain collections from Jingdezhen, including the coloured paper with gold colour for the Quran and the Chinese style images depicted in the miniature paintings. These examples present the strong influence of Chinese materials and images on the Islamic art.

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    • Shah Isma'il defeated the army of the Aq-Qoyunlu
    Shah Isma'il defeated the army of the Aq-Qoyunlu_preview
    Shah Isma'il defeated the army of the Aq-Qoyunlu
    • The end of 16th century

         Although this miniature depicts a battle scene in the Islamic world, the motifs such as clouds reveal the trace of Chinese artistic influence on Central and Western Asia.

    • Cat
    • Sketches from Life
    • Shen Zhou (1427-1509), Ming dynasty

         Shen Zhou depicts the cat in a round composition. Similar image is also shown in the album of Tokapi Palace in Turkey. It obviously reflects the Islamic artists' interest in the style of Ming dynasty.