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     Changhua County is a leading county in terms of traditional arts and crafts, with a rich cultural heritage. The county is home to highly representative examples of traditional architecture, such as the Lukang Lungshan Temple and the Lukang Mazu Temple. In terms of industry, Changhua County is renowned across the country for its pig farms, duck farms, and balsam pear production levels, and braised pork rice is a highly-regarded specialty of Changhua xiaochi (snacks). For this exhibition, the Changhua County Government sent an application to the National Palace Museum under the "National Palace Museum Treasures Touring Project," and five treasures were specially selected from the Museum collections as a result. These treasures were chosen to best represent common points between the local features of Changhua and the National Palace Museum collections, and will travel in turn to the Changhua County Art Museum under the theme of "National Palace Museum Treasures Tour Changhua," to be displayed alongside new media art displays from the National Palace Museum. The exhibition will therefore have two sections: an artifact display section and a new media art section.

     The artifact display section is located on the 1st floor of the Changhua County Art Museum, and aims to present a dialogue between the industrial and cultural landscape of Changhua and the artifacts from the National Palace Museum. Five popular artifacts from the National Palace Museum will be successively displayed in three stages here during the exhibition period, of which the most well-known artifact is the Meat-shaped Stone, which has been designated as a national treasure. The Jade Duck, White Jade in the Shape of "Fair Litchi" (balsam pear), Yellow Chalcedony Tri-Seal Set, and Jade Washer in the Shape of a Phoenix will also be displayed in succession. The delicate external features and marvelous craftsmanship of these artifacts conceal deeper meanings, and it is hoped that the audience can vicariously experience the aesthetic tastes of the ancient literati through these masterpieces. This section also includes immersive displays and interactive devices that can help visitors gain a deeper understanding of the shared industries and aesthetic beauty between Changhua and these National Palace Museum treasures.

     The new media art section is located on the 3rd and 5th floors of the Changhua County Art Museum, and presents the wondrous results achieved by the National Palace Museum in melding traditional culture and history with the latest technological innovations. The displays primarily depict the day-to-day lives of the ancients, including regular monthly activities in times past, anecdotes about interactions between the literati, and beautiful calligraphy and paintings that were inspired by natural landscapes. Comparisons between the past and present also help audiences to build connections regarding the art of living between ancient and modern times. This exhibition displays a number of works that have won several international awards, such as "Besotted by Flower Vapors" calligraphy animation, "Into the Painting" multisensory interactive theater, "Stamps of Landscape" augmented reality (AR) interactive table, the "Spirit of Autobiography" virtual reality (VR) calligraphy experience, "Autumn Colors on the Qiao and Hua Mountains" VR painting experience, and a variety of high-quality films. These works allow viewers to experience a new form of aesthetic enjoyment, made possible through the fusion of art and technology.