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  • NPM 3D Action Theater

    NPM 3D Action Theater

    • National Palace Museum
    • 2018

    NPM 3D Action Theater features a completely independent system that connects all equipment within the theater, including projector, wash lights, fog machines and fans, to achieve an optimal experience for the senses. Cutting-edge technology is utilized to adjust and fuse images across the curved screen and to seamlessly blend the images projected upon the wall and the floor, achieving a stunning three-dimensional effect.

Galaxy Adventure of the NPM Guardians

  • National Palace Museum
  • 2018
  • Animation, 13 mins

Galaxy Adventure of the NPM Guardians utilizes the rare astronomical event of a syzygy of the Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn as a backdrop. The animation describes how the main character, Kui Xing (Dubhe), is entrusted with leading a task force to track down and bring back his naughty fun-loving friends scattered across the vastness of the galaxy, in order to achieve the rare phenomenon of a five-planet syzygy. This animation represents the first production by the National Palace Museum to incorporate social media stamps, a rap theme song, and 3D imagery of artefacts from the Museum collections. The animation was the recipient of a 2018 Media & Technology MUSE Award from the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), as well as a Gold REMI Award from the 2018 WorldFest Houston International Independent Film Festival.