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     The Epitome of Aesthetics – New Media Art Exhibition centers on the aesthetic appreciation of classic artifacts from the National Palace Museum’s collection. The exhibition integrates various aesthetic principles (color, proportion, texture, structure, construction, composition) and key artifact characteristics (mounting, themes, artistic conception, narrative, technique, style). It uses new media as an artistic instrument to show the mystery, beauty and cultural meaning of each artifact.

     The exhibition is organized by the National Palace Museum in collaboration with educational and research institutions as well as other museums, including National Taiwan Normal University’s Department of Fine Arts, National Chengchi University’s Office of Translating Artistry, the National Taiwan University of Arts’ Department of Multimedia and Animation Arts, the Taipei National University of the Arts’ School of Theatre Arts, the City University of Hong Kong, and the National Museum of Marine Science & Technology. By combining aesthetic experiences with innovative lines of thought, participants show how diverse styles emerge when there is cross-disciplinary cooperation between museums and schools.

     When entering the exhibition, consider this background as the starting point of the beauty that is on display. Explore the wonder in your heart and let its power spread and thrive.