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Seal Carving has a long and enriched history. The tradition dates back to the ancient seals from before the Qin dynasty and continued through the Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties to the Republic Period; the spectacular marvels sit inside the square spaces. The history of seals and seal carvings is a contribution of pictorial seals, Official seals, private seals, assorted idiom seals and collector’s seals that gathered together and merged into an impressive collection.

To showcase the art of seals, there are methods of ‘seal mark’, and ‘seal scroll’, ‘seal catalogue’, recording the stamped seal marks after the carving. The purpose of the record is to collect the styles and examine the textual contents for further research, appreciation, and referenc. Among the extant collection of the Qing Court held by the NPM and the seal catalogues obtained by donations, numerous exceptional pieces were selected for this exhibition to share with everyone.