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Nine Pearly Peaks in Green’ without the Artist’s Signature

This picture bears neither the signature nor seal of Gongwang Huang. Nonetheless, the clouds and mountains, trees and stones, and dwellings in the painting all demonstrated his preferred styles and the dominant use of Chungfeng (upright brush), which provide a specific conclusion of its authenticity.

The last sentence of the poem by Feng Wang (1319-1388) on the painting reads, ‘scripted for Caoxuan Daoren (Weizhen Yang) on the painting by master Dachi (Gongwang Huang)’, which stands as solid evidence of identifying the artist was Huang.

Weizhen Yang (1296-1370) wrote ’Nine Pearly Peaks in Green’ adjoin to Yunjian (ancient name for Songjiang area)’ as the first sentence of his poem, and it was the naming origin of this painting.

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