Fantasy / Interactive

Painting Animation

Up the River During Qingming

"Up the River During Qingming" is a masterpiece of genre painting. The scroll depicts vivid scenes of ancient life around the Qingming Festival in early spring, including stories of officials, noble families, scholars, the elderly, children, performers, and vendors in the imperial city through which the river runs. The painting can be divided into several sections, including the rustic setting at the beginning, arched bridge and market, city wall and surroundings, and Lake Jinming. With its fascinating and pleasing scenery inviting the viewer in, this masterpiece offers a view into many facets of life in ancient China.

One Hundred Horses

This animation is inspired by Giuseppe Castiglione's masterpiece One Hundred Horses. The story revolves around officers tending to horses throughout the day, starting from the break of dawn and morning activities, to afternoon thundershower, evening dusk and returning home under the starry night. Audiences can fully experience changes around the clock and appreciate the beauty of nature as it alternates between sunshine and rain.

Activities of the Twelve Months

This work is made up of twelve genre paintings spanning the period of a year, each one showcasing a different month with a wide range of natural phenomena and folk customs associated with it. The scenes depicted are extremely rich and the objects rendered in great detail. These twelve paintings once hung in the Qianlong Emperor's palace, one displayed with the passage of each month. Enjoying the exquisite scenes showcased in these works, it can sometimes seem as if the viewer is transported there to take part in the activities that the people are depicted as enjoying.

Interactive Media

One Hundred Horses and the Four Seasons—A Concerto of Sino-Western Cultural Exchange

"One Hundred Horses and the Four Seasons — A Concerto of Sino-Western Cultural Exchange" brings together the painting One Hundred Horses by Lang Shining and the Four Seasons violin concerti by Vivaldi (1678-1741) to present an immersive experience and an audio-visual feast of light and shadow. Following the rhythm of the music and the transition from day to night, shining particles transform into horses of various physiques, sizes, and coat colors, and demonstrate the infinite charm of the meeting between Eastern and Western art from a new perspective.

54th WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, New Media-Interactive- Adult/Professional, Gold Remi Award Winner

The Realm of Kunyu—An Adventure into the World of the 17th Century

This 360 experience presents the universal world of the Kunyu Quantu from the National Palace Museum's collection and will take you on a journey through time and space to meet its creator, Father Ferdinand Verbiest. Together with the NPM's beloved collection, Child Pillow, viewers explore astronomical and geological knowledge, rare and exotic animals around the globe, and enhance their understanding of this fascinating ancient world map.

54th WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, New Media-Interactive-Children, Gold Remi Award Winner

Traveling Along the Fu-Chun River

"Traveling Along the Fu-Chun River" is inspired by Huang Gongwang's Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains. Accompanied by the song of the zither, viewers cruise along the Fu-Chun River, admire the jagged mountains, verdant forests, and villages in the painting, and appreciate Huang Gongwang's ideal depiction of nature.