Diplomatic Credential Presented by the Great Qing Empire

On behalf of the Emperor of the Great Qing Empire, greetings to the King of the Great British Empire.

China has been a friend of your country for many years. The friendship between two countries is increasing.

We heard that you have a long civilization, and your political system is advanced. Your political system is almost perfect.

As the Emperor of China, I want to learn from you to revitalize my country.

I want to be open and friendly to the whole world and learn from other countries.

As a result, allow me to send Zaize (zhenguo gong nobility) , XU Shichang (Vice Minister of Military Affairs) and Shaoying (Ministry of Commerce) to your country to study your politics.

They are all highly qualified loyal officers who are well versed in world affairs. I have long been relied on them.

Please allow me to use this letter to express my good will to your country.

I urge Your Majesty may treat them as welcomed guests and let them study your great legal and political systems to the details in order to be adopted by my country. As a result, we shall be grateful to Your Majesty's kindness to us.

The 31st Year, 8th Month and 9th Day of Guangxu Reign of Great Qing Empire

Diplomatic Credential Presented by the Great Qing Empire's Overseas Survey Envoy to the Great British Empire