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The collection of cultural artifacts held inside the National Palace Museum (NPM) is consisted of an enormous treasure trove of objects from the imperial household of the Sung (960-1279), Yuan (1279-1368), Ming (1368-1644) and Ch'ing (1644-1911) dynasties. This treasure trove housing more than 690,000 items, including ceramics, jades, coins, paintings, bronze, calligraphy, and this treasure trove seldom leaves the NPM. The ever-changing technology brings the new vision to the museum. Since 1998, NPM has initiated a project to turn these works of art into complete digital archives, and managing with computers so that the data of treasure trove can be saved and reused permanently. These digital achievements have inspired the exhibition designers and new-media artists. With the assistance of curators and integration of new technology, these works of art turn into digital archive that not only applicable for research, education and appreciation but also providing alternative interpretation through animation and interaction design, telling the stories behind this treasure trove.

The series exhibitions of Museum Without Walls broke the boundary of exhibit environment and toured to local. Those hundred-year stories are told via the dialogue between technology and aesthetics. Come and join us, release all five senses to feel the continuing energy of hieroglyphic writing in Rhythms of the Calligraphy. Then observe the animated details in Paintings Anime. After different adventures with Child Pillow, do not forget to appreciate the beauty of Blue and White and Colored Porcelain, experiencing with the new waves of exhibition.