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Treasure Hunting (New window) Treasure Hunting
Welcome to the National Palace Museum! Do you know that there are many interesting treasures in this museum? There are two precious items hided in each of the first, second, and third floors.

Artie came to the National Palace Museum looking for the sitting statue of Shakyamuni Buddha (North Wei), Square Sandalwood Curio Case (Ch'ing dynasty), White Jade Leaping Fish Flower Holder (Ming dynasty), Olive Stone with Poem "Ode to the Red Cliff" Carved on the Bottom (Ch'ing dynasty), Jadeite Cabbage with Insects (Ch'ing dynasty), and Jade pi-hsieh (East Han). But he is lost. What should he do? Please help him looking for these 6 items.
Curio Case Game (New window) Curio Case Game
Princess Bao loves complicated and delicate curio cases. If you can complete two tasks successfully, Princess Bao will be able to get her dream treasure. Please give her a hand to explore the secrets of the precious cases.
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