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Title: Past Exhibition: ''My Little Trip Through Bronze''
 Past Exhibition: ''My Little Trip Through Bronze'' This area is a children's educational exhibition particularly designed to correspond to the Bronze Exhibition at the National Palace Museum. The displays introduce the bronze tools and vessels used by the ancients, animal patterns on bronze items, and the musical sounds of bronze instruments. The children will also go on a fun and fascinating journey through bronze by trying out various interactive displays such as the magnet games, pattern rubbings and playing the bronze bells.
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Title: Past Exhibition: "Fun Court Life"
Past Exhibition: "Fun Court Life" This exhibition in the Children's Gallery is planned in correspondence with the launch of the exhibition "Harmony and Integrity: The Yongzheng Emperor and His Times," which opened in October. Particularly designed for the Children's Gallery, the contents of this exhibition include examples of court dress, paintings of beauties, depictions of amusement, as well as other works. In this exhibition, children are invited to play and learn through a variety of activities including the assembly of jigsaw puzzles and posing as the Emperor or Empress to take pictures. With the interactive style of this exhibition, children will be able to learn the interesting aspects of the Yongzheng exhibition through exploring Qing Dynasty court dress and life.
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Title: Past Exhibition: "The Eight Treasures Exploration"
Past Exhibition: "The Eight Treasures Exploration"
This exhibition was created in collaboration with Professor Su Chen Ming of the Taipei Municipal University of Education. Specializing in visual arts, Professor Su created puzzles of famous museum pieces in large card formats, such as the Jadeite Cabbage, Along the River During the Ch'ing Ming Festival, and Children at Play. These puzzles not only incite children's curiosity and thinking, but also prepare them for the actual exhibitions.
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