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Bowl with "Lantern Lit for the Peacefulness" motif in falangcai painted enamels, Qianlong reign (1736-1795), Qing dynasty

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Bowl with "Lantern Lit for the Peacefulness" motif in falangcai painted enamels
Qianlong reign (1736-1795), Qing dynasty
H. 7.7 cm;Diam. 15.9 cm;Diam. of base 6.5 cm


This bowl has a flared and thin mouth rim, with a deep belly and short ring foot. The thin ceramic body is a lustrous white, and the entire vessel is covered in white glaze. The exterior surface of the bowl is painted with verdant mountains and forests on one side, together with purple and green pavilions with white walls and black-tiled roofs. White spring lanterns hang in front of the pavilions, and a group of people are playing with a baby in the courtyard. On the other side of the bowl, a poem written in ink reads, "Amidst the sounds of joyful celebration and harmonious drums and music, the six streets are lit up with the happy lights of peace." Three seals in red ink respectively state, "Xian Cun (early spring)," "Shan Gao (high mountains)," "Shui Chang (long rivers)." On the underside of the bowl, four blue characters written in standard script and enclosed within two square frames state, "Qian Long Nian Zhi (Made in the Reign of Qianlong)."