Q. Can I freely download all images on NPM Open Data?
A. Yes, users are able to download all images on NPM Open Data for free and unlimited use without additional application procedures. Please refer to the “Open Government Data License, version 1.0”  and "CC BY 4.0" for more information. We welcome and encourage all users to make the best use of this site.
Q. Can I print or publish images for free in books or other periodicals?
A. Applicants must complete the NPM application procedure in order to use image files sized over 300 dpi or when applying for publication licensing. For all other use of images on this site, users need only indicate the image source and the complete title of the National Palace Museum.
Q. What are the formats of the artifact images?

A. Images in the “Database Search” are downloaded as jpg files. In “Image Downloads”, zip files containing tiff and json files can be downloaded; all images are watermarked with the NPM seal.
Q. What is the format of the artifact information attached to the image file?
A. The artifact information downloaded with the artifact image would be in a basic text file.
Q. Why does not the artifact image that I downloaded look like an image?
A. To make it easier for users to differentiate between the artifact image and information, the two have been compressed into a zip file for download. To see the image, users need only decompress the zip file.
Q. After I open the numerical data or nominal data dataset, why does the content show up unreadable?
A. Numerical or nominal data is collected from large amounts of data and then converted to xml code for download. It is meant to be read by machines or processed by programs; it is not as suitable for individual browsing.
Q. Will the content on NPM Open Data increase in the future?
A. We will occasionally increase the images and datasets available for download on NPM Open Data.
Q. What are related file formats of the datasets available on this site?
A. The datasets are primarily in xml, which we have compressed into RAR files for easier download. The text portion supports Unicode.


Last Update: 2020-05-05