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Since the digital art exhibition "New Waves of NPM Songshan Feng-Tian Temple Travelling Exhibition" made an accomplishment of one hundred thousand visits last year, the National Palace Museum (NPM) again collaborated with Songshan Feng-Tian Temple this year, to present the "Children's NPM Digital Playground" digital art exhibition. This exhibition consists of seven main exhibition areas: Spring Blossoms, Painting and Calligraphy Magnifier, Chinese Character Cauldron, Painting Animation: Activities of the Twelve Months, Adventure around the Universe, Theater of Fun Treasures and Family Interactive Section: Holding Hands Together, selected classic NPM digital artworks, replicas, 3D videos and family activities are presented.

The NPM cordially invites both parents and children to this NPM digital treasure paradise, through the joyous technology interactions with digital treasures, and experiencing the various forms of artifacts through multiple senses, harmonic scenery between technology and humanity is created. So what are you waiting for? Let the exploration begin by holding each other's hands, and enjoy the endless fun together with family!