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Children visiting the NPM should first pay a visit to the "little" NPM. The multi-faceted Children's Gallery will bring a whole new experience that will light a passion for learning about the NPM in any children.

In order to bridge the gap between modern children and the Museum's artifacts, the NPM established the Children's Gallery, which officially opened on May 18, 2008. Located on the west side of the Main Exhibition Building's underground floor, the Children's Gallery was designed especially for children between the ages of five and twelve to encourage their interests in the arts.

The Children's Gallery is around 4,200 sq ft and includes an orientation theater, four interactive exhibition areas, and a special exhibition area. The gallery uses the ideas of the artifacts from the Museum collection as a foundation, and designs short animations and interactive activities to help children learn more effectively. Through hands-on, visual, and listening activities, we hope to motivate all visitors to explore the NPM.

In addition to the exhibition areas, the orientation theater, which can hold 40 people and has a wide circular screen, is one stop that cannot be missed. The animations "Adventures of the mythical creatures at the NPM " and "Fantasia in the NPM" explore the national treasures housed at the Museum. From the short animation, children can learn about the history and usage of these treasures, and understand the etiquettes of museum visiting.

During the week, the Children's Gallery focuses on receiving groups of kindergarten and elementary school students. On the weekend and holidays, the Gallery serves families and individual visitors. Since the Gallery's grand opening on May 18, 2008 to December 31, 2014, the number of visitors has reached 772,203. From this number, 76,266 people were members of 2,905 visiting groups. The other 695,937 were individual visitors. The service team, made up of volunteers, brings a passion to work and serve that continues to help the Museum grow and advance.

Aside from interactive learning, the Children's Gallery will also issue a series of supplementary materials, such as instructional resources packets, family learning kits, and worksheets. These materials will allow accompanying parents or teachers to better guide their children. These resources will also be digitalized and made available on the National Palace Museum website for downloading. In the future, the Education Department hopes Children's Gallery can collaborate with schools and communities to provide the best quality education for our children.

Katydi, Emperor Qianlong, and Artie give the performance their all.
  Katydid, Emperor Qianlong, and Artie give the performance their all.
The Children's Theatrical Troupe performs.
  The Children's Theatrical Troupe performs.
Artie and Katydid interact during the show.
  Artie and Katydid interact during the show.
Children see for themselves how a bridge is constructed.
  Children see for themselves how a bridge is constructed.
Students learn about book-binding firsthand.
  Students learn about book-binding firsthand.


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